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Mosel 2019/03 Decanter - Reidel

Mosel 2019/03 Decanter - Reidel

There are two reasons why we decant wines:
- For an older wine to separate it from its deposits,
- For a younger wine for the purpose of airing it, reveal more complexity and enhance aromas and flavors.
In the mouth, the decanted wine expresses notes of more important fruits especially for the red wines and tends to integrate and to melt the tannins.
We offer a wide range of decanters that are extravagant and hand-made or elegant and machine-blown to honor good wines and reserve the decantation they deserve.
Each hand-crafted product is designed by highly talented glassblowers, using glassmaking techniques that date back more than 2,000 years.
All decanters are made of fine crystal. They are suitable for all lifestyles and are available on a wide range of prices.
A decanter unique in its kind, it is the must for wine lovers.

Height 11.41" - Capacity 40.47 oz

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Price : 135,00 €

Mosel 2019/03 Decanter - Reidel
Mosel 2019/03 Decanter - Reidel

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