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Croco clear 10758000 Vase - Lalique

Croco clear 10758000 Vase - Lalique

Impressive and sculptural, the Crocodile motif captures all the graphic power of this fearsome animal The meticulous detail of the scales and the crystal relief are a real technical achievement, giving it a striking realism Bold and intriguing, the crystal skin irresistibly invites to be touched In both clear and black, they show their strength.

Make way for the animal kingdom. A theme dear to René Lalique, the Empreinte Animale collection pays tribute to wildlife in all its splendor. Setting the stage for a bestiary theater it invites us to dive into a dreamlike jungle where feathers, fur and scales are tamed. With a realism that is truer than life, the know how of the masters of fire offer a perfect replica of the animal materials thereby saluting the art of crystal haute couture, unique to Lalique.

And the illusion is complete. Yet crystallized, this vibrant and sensory nature seems ready to come alive. At first glance, the precision of the designs, the emphasis on details and the purity of the reflections place these pieces in the century old tradition of light sculptors. The textures, colors and finishes, in turn, give even more scope to these animal conversations. To the touch, the relief of the materials, satin or repolished, soft or poignant call for contact with the hand.

Height 10.43” - Weight: 16.53 lbs

Available : 2-3 Months
2-3 Months
Price : 3 000,00 €

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