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Bacchantes amazone green 10788900 Vase - Lalique

Bacchantes amazone green 10788900 Vase - Lalique

In 1927, René Lalique's boundless imagination and creative genius lead to the creation of the Bacchantes vase, a work of unparalleled beauty whose splendour and sensuality left people spellbound. Since its original release, it has been a staple in the Lalique collection and has become an enduring symbol of Lalique's renowned style. Its satin-finished crystal evokes the softness of the skin while the plays on light bring movement and life to the piece.

To accompany the Animal Print collection, the Bacchantes vase is adorned with a flamboyant Amazon green crystal dress.

Height 9.45" - Diametre 7.44"

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Price : 4 900,00 €

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